ps4 vs xbox one

The Xbox One vs PS4 comparison is more important in 2017 than ever because both consoles are infinitely more powerful than the previous generation and both Sony and Microsoft tout their hardware as the absolute best.

ps4 vs xbox one

Who’s right? Well, currently, there are two separate versions of both console: Sony has PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, while Microsoft has the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X  represent the high-end 4K gaming, with the PS4 Slim and Xbox One S are a much better value for gamers with HD TVs.

Microsoft has the lead in the 4K gaming sphere with the powerful Xbox One X – a system that’s capable of playing games in native 4K resolution. The PS4 Pro, on the other hand, is only capable of upscaling games to 4K but has the advantage of having a stronger stable of first-party exclusive games.

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